Siew Hoon Yeoh

Siew Hoon Yeoh

Siew Hoon Yeoh is the editor-at-large for SHY Ventures and editor/producer of WIT-Web In Travel.

She created and manages the travel insider website The Transit Cafe and also runs WIT - Web In Travel, Asia’s leading travel distribution, marketing and technology conference, and the weekly WIT newsletter.

In 2008, WIT was awarded the Most Innovative Marketing Initiative by the Singapore Tourism Board. Siew Hoon is also an established speaker and facilitator at travel industry conferences and workshops.

She is also is a published author, having written titles including “Truth, Lies & Other Stuff” and “Around Asia in 1 Hr: Tales of Condoms, Chillies & Curries”.

dubai Middle East travel industry – mobile and last-minute bookings kick in

In my recent visits to Dubai, I have sensed growing excitement around the nascent online space. The opportunities are huge and diverse …


It is stories such as those of Flocations that inspired the first WIT Developer & Designer Challenge – matching real issues with fresh minds and offering new talent a guaranteed chance at Proof of Concept should they win.


If you’re considering business opportunities in Asia in 2013, here are a few things to heed.


While air passenger volumes have started moderating in the second half of the year, Asia’s still the best place to be at right now when it comes to growth compared to the rest of the world.


I’ve been covering Asia’s travel and tourism industry for more years than I care to remember and I can honestly say this is currently the most intense time of change.


First the good news. Online travel is the standout trend not only in Japan but across Asia.


I’ve noticed recently that when running Asia-related events in places such as Australia (where I’ve just been) and in Europe (where I was in March), there’s a strong interest among youths in the sessions.


In planning and curating the programme for the first WITX-Women In Travel in Bangkok on April 27, I have personally learned a lot.


With so much happening in the world of mobile travel, it is easy for agents to be unclear about what they should do to get a piece of the action.


After experiencing two days of slow, expensive internet access in a luxury hotel in Melbourne, I woke up to the news that Australia may soon have cheaper, faster broadband access nationwide.


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