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Tnooz - Talking Other Tech

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THack hackathon roundup Hitlist THack alumni update: Hitlist +, TravenUp gets funding, Meet me Halfway is nearly there
THack hackathon roundup Hitlist

Here at Tnooz, we’re always celebrating the evolution of the travel trade, and we have a special fondness for startups. What developers …


You might think the conversation about ad blocking is about user experience.

entrepreneur game

Habits form our lives. They provide a framework on which we build professional success and personal happiness.


Suggest co-operating with competitors and most entrepreneurs initially think the idea is completely crazy.

startup culture

What defines a great startup culture? And is it one that follows the footsteps of Silicon Valley startups?


The overarching objective of “Seed to Series A” transformation is the systematic reduction of risk.


The man who made computers personal was a genius… and a jerk.


It’s an old argument: should designers code? And it gets a lot of people up in arms, some in favor while others not so much.

startup child

We asked some of the leaders in the startup community how they decide between the starry-eyed and genuine.

network mainframe

Google has announced that it wants to fix your home wifi, but internally, it has long been working on far more complex networking issues.


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