Troy Thompson


Troy Thompson, a contributing Node to Tnooz, is an artist, consultant, and speaker who found a way to combine all three into creative leadership workshops.

He is the founder of Pattern, a strategy and service design consultancy. Troy believes in customer-centric innovation, simplicity, and short bios.

service design virgin america How service design helps travel brands woo seemingly irrational customers
service design virgin america

Service design consultancies use design theory to find out what delights and frustrates your customers and then designs ways to map your …


Okay, maybe not a total pain in the ass – perhaps massively confusing. ROI, influence, Pinterest, fans, followers, friends – where do we go from here?


We were just outside of Milan. Spending an enchanting evening in our small villa.


This is not another post about how to promote via Pinterest. Nor is it a list, how-to or secret revealing, link-bait article which is deep on hype and light on substance.


As we enter a brave new world of top-level domain names (TLDs), brought upon by the recent approval and registration process from ICANN, what are the opportunities for DMOs and CVBs?


It all started with a question. How should a lodge or resort, without reliable internet access or cell service, use social media?


Thousands of travel companies, organizations and destinations use Facebook as a major part of their social media marketing strategy.


Tnooz node Troy Thompson reflects on his predictions for the last year.


For our final article in the series, a look at advanced options for Power Users.


In this edition, Facebook Places… And what you should do now.

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