Troy Thompson


Troy Thompson, a contributing Node to Tnooz, is an artist, consultant, and speaker who found a way to combine all three into creative leadership workshops.

He is the founder of Pattern, a strategy and service design consultancy. Troy believes in customer-centric innovation, simplicity, and short bios.

Part Three of Five: The complete guide to Facebook for destinations

Today, using Facebook for marketing… Five tips to make your likes more meaningful.


Today, how to communicate via Facebook… (sorry, farming does not count!). Five tips to make your Facebook presence a true communication outlet.


In this series, we take an in-depth look at the points, tips and recommendations from the recent Creating Destination Engagement with Facebook presentation.


The BP oil spill brought an unyielding spotlight of media coverage to the sunshine state and its Gulf Coast neighbors. Now what?


In this era of iPads, metasearch and consumer content, where does the traditional CVB (convention and visitors bureau) or DMO (destination marketing organization) fit into the ever-fracturing leisure travel planning process?


A Facebook poll to find which US state can get the most ‘fans’ might be interesting in the short term but over time it is probably – and unfortunately – utterly meaningless.


What is my agenda for the site, what do I say, what is my voice, my goal, my cause, what will I write about?

Those of you who know me well are already aware of what drives my personal ambition as well as my writing: travel, technology and the environment.

And while future posts, articles and theoretical ramblings will present a stronger focus on tourism technology, I felt it appropriate to address a larger subject. Global, if you will.

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