Community Guidelines

On community

Community is built on trust, respect, and mutually beneficial engagements. While we can’t always agree, we can structure our interactions in a way that makes for productive dialogue and useful conversation.

Given that view of community, we’ve updated our community guidelines. All those who use our website agree to follow these guidelines.

Users that violate these criteria will have their comments edited or removed. We’ll disable commenting for any repeat offenders.

We moderate all comments here at tnooz. We will not accept comments that violate our community standards. Where there is gray area in a particular comment, the editors will make a judgement call. Here are the nine do’s and dont’s:

👍 Don’t…

  • use profanity;
  • be libelous, discriminatory, inflammatory, or hateful;
  • be shamelessly self-promotional or share URLs. We don’t have the resources to verify the integrity of shared links and it is our policy to remove all URLs in comments;
  • be rude, mean, or a bully;
  • use comments as a customer service channel for businesses mentioned in the article;
  • make accusations that might be unfounded. We don’t have the resources to verify allegations or accusations, and will not approve comments with unknown factual basis.

👎 Do…

  • be smart, witty and intelligent;
  • bring your unique perspective and industry experience into the conversation;
  • share where you work or what you’re working on. As long as it’s
    relevant to the topic at hand, we all learn from each other;
  • bring a global view to your local knowledge;
  • challenge the writer and other commenters to a
    thought-provoking dialogue.

What makes a 👍 comment?

A good comment is thought-provoking, intelligent, and interesting. A good comment brings out an angle that was buried. Good comments bring unique subject matter expertise into the conversation by considering the wider impact of a given topic. Good comments also call out where the writer might have some implicit bias or conflicts of interest.

What makes a 👎 comment?

It’s a small world, after all, so leaving self-serving comments never works well. We can all see through it. A bad comment ignores logic to come to conclusions that only serve the writer’s own vested interests. Bad comments also don’t attempt to expand the conversation or push the dialogue forward. Repetition and vitriol are not effective in a vibrant comments section — nor are unsubstantiated claims that might be libelous.

What if I 😤 with a choice that’s been made?

The editors have final say in what gets published on If you feel that a comment has been moderated that shouldn’t have, please email We’re a small team, so please allow two business days for a reply.

On guest viewpoints

Tnooz has long felt that a diversity of opinions and perspectives is essential to ‘tough but fair’ analysis of the travel and hospitality industries. Over the years, we have had a roster of authors sharing their insights with our global community of decision-makers, managers, and executives.

As tnooz evolves, the importance of contributed content remains strong. We encourage both new and returning authors to submit articles for consideration. While we don’t have a set word count, we find that articles work best at lengths of 750 to 2,000 words. Go with the story: if there’s value to the reader, they will keep reading — and trust your expertise more. If it reeks of self-promotional fluff, they will stop reading — and trust you just a little bit less.

Five years ago, our editor-in-chief at the time, Kevin May, framed our approach perfectly in this cheeky article. If you’d like to contribute, please first read recent Viewpoints and then consider the following points that have been guiding tnooz since 2009:

  • Viewpoints are at least one of the following:
    1. Strategic and educational. Use your own expertise to offer guidance, tips, or best practices about a particular industry issue or challenge.
    2. Analytical. Offer analysis on a recent news story or industry trend through your own unique professional lens.
    3. Opinion-led. You should take a stance and then support your argument with proof points (research, stats, or your own professional anecdotes). Controversy is encouraged — as long as it’s based on solid fundamentals and industry understanding. Articles should not be thinly-veiled attempt to showcase your business or its products.
  • Articles should not be thinly-veiled attempt to showcase your business or its products. The best social currency is providing value to the community. If you show how smart you are, most readers will want to do business with you.
  • Use social proof to support your Viewpoint. They use data, statistics, multimedia, and/or research to emphasize and prove points being made in the article. Quotes from relevant people, data, research, graphics and/or videos that bring your point home for the reader.
  • On rare occasions, articles can be about a company. Some case studies we have published have been fascinating and very useful to the wider readership.
  • Do not expect heaps of links back to content on your own sites (in the byline is the normally the most you will get).
  • Show that you understand our audience and the scope of our coverage. Articles covering basic concepts are less desirable than analytical viewpoints that improve our audience’s business acumen.
  • Position yourself as an expert (or, if you must, ‘thought leader’), rather than a salesperson. It will drastically increase your chance of getting your article published and, indeed, read.
  •  We require one-week exclusivity. After that, any republishing of the story should include “Originally appeared on tnooz” in the body text, with a hyperlink to the original story. We encourage cross-posting.
  • All submissions subject to editing and final editorial approval. As such, please use proper grammar and spelling. It’s also important to proof-read your work, especially if you are a non-native English speaker. We don’t currently accept articles in languages other than English, although we do hope to in the feature.

REMEMBER: Just because you submit doesn’t mean you will be published. The tnooz staff is the reader’s most vocal advocate. Create content that helps the reader grow their business and be better at their jobs. Make content that enhances the professional lives of the reader, and you’ve got a winning piece.

If you’d like to submit a guest article, please drop a line to our managing editor, Linda Fox. We’ve purposefully chosen not to hyperlink her e-mail here. Consider the simple task of finding her email your first hurdle to getting your viewpoint published. 😄


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